08-15-2019 Managing for Success

08-15-2019 Managing for Success

Managing for Success



Managing for Success

Creating the proper plan, setting reasonable expectations and then designing the strategy to complete it are essential to launching a successful career for a new loan officer. A manager’s guidance will serve as a compass for the direction their business will take in the future.

This lesson provides managers with the foundational principles and the steps needed in order to effectively manage a new loan officer’s immediate and future success.

Upon completing this lesson within the program, a manager will:

  • Effectively manage their new loan officer according to their Launch Plan
  • Provide coaching and accountability for their 3-2-1 for SuccessTM
  • Utilize a four-step process to conduct highly effective, impactful and powerful one-on-one meetings
  • Manage new loan officers to a successful and productive career
Additional Information

Additional Information

Class Start Date Aug 15, 2019
Class Start Time 2:00 pm Eastern