Flight School 2019

Flight School 2019

ORIGINATOR Phase II: Flight School -
requires completion of Ground School



Flight School is a skills-based curriculum with a self-paced, blended learning approach via on-demand video modules, in-branch assignments and real world case studies designed to maximize company/career assimilation.

Students who follow the recommended 8am–5pm study schedule can complete the program in just two weeks. The program also provides a full communication plan for managers and students that includes weekly progress updates via email. Successful completion of Ground School is a prerequisite for Flight School.

Flight School consists of:

·         21 essential lessons covering advanced mortgage, sales and business development skills

·         19 assignments to ensure retention and execution

·         25 case studies to apply knowledge in real world scenarios

·         Comprehensive final exam to ensure retention

·         Full-time instructor support to review assignments and provide professional guidance